Chesham United FC

Hopefully you will have enjoyed the player signing announcements earlier this week? Thank you to the social media team who did an excellent job of building up the tension for each player over the course of the week on all social medias. As a Board we are elated that so many of last year’s successful squad are staying with us and we can really look forward as the start of the new season becomes closer and closer to reality.

With plans now moving apace on the field, I make no apologies for once again returning to the subject of sponsorship and the need for us to now look at generating income to fit with the budget we are working towards, accepting the fact that not all businesses will be in a position to pay upfront like they will have done in previous years. We are happy to talk with all local businesses about a sponsorship package that works for both parties.

The Corporate Patron Scheme has this year been replaced by a new Claret Club, affordable with monthly payment options, and we also have great value deals on perimeter boards, match sponsorship and programme adverts. It would be hugely appreciated if all supporters were able to mention to their boss, or to local pubs and businesses that you frequent, the great opportunities that are available when sponsoring Chesham United – The Board would be happy to follow-up any leads you can generate for us! Please feel free to contact me directly at

Another new sponsorship option, hopefully affordable to most, is the player kit sponsorship. We have always run a shirt sponsor scheme, but with so many popular players having this week re-signed for the club we have already sold seventeen of these shirt, now Kit sponsors at £50! For 2020-21 we are now also offering the chance to sponsor player/staff/management training kits at £40+VAT or warm-up kits for £25+VAT. At the end of the season we will then host a black tie dinner and presentation evening where each sponsor will have a seat at the table of the player sponsored. Hopefully you agree that is a fantastic return for a relatively small investment.

Away from the never-ending need to bring in money, another new voluntary role requirement has arisen as the Board look to appoint a Covid-19 Secure Officer to carry out a risk assessment on the club and present to the Board the proposals and requirements for our facilities to meet the requirements set out to enable us to start functioning fully once again. The recent shutdown situation has allowed us to review our situation and it is abundantly clear that as a Board we are still in need of additional members, and also a pool of skilled and reliable helpers in the different areas of the club to enable us to run like a professional business…albeit as volunteers!

We are not looking to enlarge the board just for the sake of it, but the more skills, knowledge and contacts we have the better the club will be run. If you think you have something that you can bring to the table, or would like to discuss how you might be able to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact me for a non-comital conversation.

The players are back in training next week, we are hoping to start announcing pre-season fixtures shortly and everything is slowly starting to seem normal again. Stay safe though, don’t get complacent and thank you for your support.


Peter Brown, Chairman

Chesham United Football Club