Chesham United FC

During these unusual times I feel it is important that as a club we stay close to all of our supporters, sponsors and the town at large. Although by now the football season itself would be over anyway, it still feels wrong that it was taken away so abruptly and we were not able to say our traditional thankyou’s and farewells ahead of the summer break.

As you can imagine, these are critical times for all small businesses, and Chesham United FC is no exception. However, we are fortunate that we have been able to successfully apply for grants from the Council and Sports England which have helped to keep the wolf from the door.

In addition to that I would like to say a passionate thank you to the thirty-plus supporters who have already purchased their season tickets for the next campaign, which we hope will get underway as close to normal as possible. Gestures like this are much appreciated by all of us on the Board and very much gives us a feeling of all being in it together. Naturally, we would welcome any other supporters willing, and able, to purchase their season tickets now.

Before we look too far ahead to next season, I am very keen that we should bring the last campaign to a suitable conclusion, recognising the huge progress made, both on and off the field, with some form of End of Season Awards to properly acknowledge our usual annual awards, including Player of the Season, Supporters Player of the Season and indeed Supporter of the Year, of which we have a number of contenders to select from. I will continue to have discussions with the Board and members of the Supporters’ Trust to get this in place as soon as is practical.

I would also like to acknowledge the commencement of working parties at The Meadow, working with suitable social distancing in place – It is things like this that have a huge impact on the perception of the club when we do eventually return to action. We are at the ground from 10am most days and if you would volunteer to help, please contact me and I will give you the details of the days and times. More hands make less work!!

These are obviously strange times with so many things going on, many of them very different to how we are used to doing them (attending the league AGM as one example). We have also completed the usual post-season requirements – obtaining our licences & affiliations with the FA and County FA for the new season whenever that will be. I am sure supporters will have many questions they would like to ask and to help address that I have now been set-up with an email address,, which I am more than happy for anyone to use to contact me directly with any questions, queries, or offers of support you may have. I will always look to answer them as honestly and in as much detail as I possibly can, or is right to do so.

Thank you once again for your support, it is appreciated by all.

Peter Brown

Chairman, Chesham United FC