Chesham United Hartley Wintney
Sam Beasant 1 Thomas Williams
Jeanmal Prosper 2 Nathan Smart
Lewis Rolfe 14/3 Tom Bird
Mark Kirby 15/4 Matt Drage
Steve Brown 5 Shane Hollamby
T’Sharne Gallimore 17/6 Tyron Smith
Dernell Wynter 18/7 Dean Stow
Billy Adcock 8 Dominic Griffiths
Eoin Casey 9/17 Ben Wright
Bradley Clayton 12/10 Mitchell Parker
Dave Pearce 11 Aris Nuur
Adam Martin 6/12 Ethan Burden
Kieran Murphy 4/14 Josh Eatwell
Billie Busari 16 Lukas Burt
Ronny Mfinda 20/15 Joshua Webb
Sam Jenkins 19/18 Kingsley Eshun
Jenkins for Prosper 45 Webb for Smith 66
Busari for Wynter 58 Eshun for Hollamby 88
Casey 15 Bird 31
Kirby 48 Griffiths 68
Clayton 73 Hollamby 87
Brown 39 Wright 29
Parker 39

Chesham United Man of the Match: T’Sharne Gallimore

Chesham kept their fourth clean sheet in four games, which is about the only positive anyone can take from this dreadful game. After three players were sent off in the first half Hartley Wintney set out to secure a point by fair means or foul, and Chesham never really looked like denying them. There were four changes to the starting eleven, with Steve Brown, Billy Adcock, Dave Pearce and Dernell Wynter replacing Kieran Murphy, Adam Martin, Billie Busari and the injured Zak Joseph.

Early on a Dave Pearce corner was headed down by Mark Kirby at the far post, and the ball bounced off a defender for Thomas Williams to grasp, virtually the only save either keeper had to make all evening.  On 28 minutes the visitors’ Mitchell Parker crossed from the left and Tom Bird hooked the ball over the bar at the near post.  The game was largely uneventful but on 29 minutes the visitors’ Ben Wright was sent off for a stamp on Billy Adcock after the ball had gone.  However the real drama came ten minutes later.  Mitchell Parker went on a solo run into the Chesham area but eventually lost the ball and threw himself to the ground in a cynical attempt to win a penalty.  The ball was cleared into the visitors’ half when the officials stopped the game because of a scuffle between Steve Brown and Parker, who it was later claimed had spat at the Chesham skipper.  Both players were sent off, although Parker initially refused to leave the field and harangued the linesman on the far side.  The incident overshadowed the rest of the half, although Jeanmal Prosper was injured and replaced by Sam Jenkins shortly before the break.

The second half was an almost total non-event from a footballing point of view.  Hartley Wintney sat back and concentrated on keeping Chesham out, mainly thanks to an offside trap that Chesham’s forwards continually fell into.  Dave Pearce hit an early free kick over the bar, and Bradley Clayton had a couple of long-range efforts that flew well over, but otherwise Chesham rarely threatened.  The visitors were time-wasting shamelessly from early on in the half, and Dominic Griffiths’ belated booking made little difference.  Bradley Clayton was booked when keeper Williams conned the referee with a dive over the pitch surrounds, claiming a push from Clayton after the ball had gone out of play but any contact was minimal.  Hartley Wintney’s players also took every opportunity to go down and claim injury, and their attitude was summed up late on when Matt Drage threw himself to the ground in apparent agony after an innocuous challenge, only to get up and carry on when he realised that nobody was fooled.  Five minutes of stoppage time seemed very little, although the game had long seemed destined for the most dismal of draws.