Another week closer to football returning…whenever that might be for us!

This coming week we will all have some football to watch on the television with the return of the Premiership, but that that does not come close to what we all know and love, watching a live match, especially in a non-league environment. It’s real, it’s local and you can very much play your part and make a difference.

Take supporter Mark Lacey for example. I know he still has his beloved Chelsea, but they could never appreciate the difference he can make in the same way that we do here at Chesham United. Mark lives in Molesey, not exactly just around the corner, but still gave up two days of his time to repaint the toilets and tea bar in the Popular Stand, using all his own materials without charging the club a penny. A big thanks to Mark.

He is not alone, and it is always difficult to name check people as there will always be those you miss out, but I must also mention Gavin Jones who has spent at least two days a week over the last month painting, weeding, step white lining and cleaning areas of the ground that have not been touched for years! Another huge thank you, the efforts from everyone are appreciated.

The Meadow has been in need of some TLC for a while now. Our focus is very much still on being able to move to a new ground and make the club sustainable for the future and at the moment we are very much in the hands of the lawyers with regards to Heads of Agreement; with lawyers we all know that things tend to take longer than we would all want, but it is right that we do not rush things and get everything right for the future of the club. I will look to keep you updated as much as I possibly can.

With that in mind, we recognise the need to maintain The Meadow and make it a venue we can continue to be proud of and create a better supporter experience on matchdays. Since the lockdown we have been successful in applying for three grants, and I have also now applied for two further grants that I hope will enable us to refurbish the roof on the Popular Stand and install a ramp from the clubhouse into the ground, providing vastly improved wheelchair access.

One final request if possible, if we have any telephone engineers out there who are willing to donate their time and skills to the club, we have been given a new phone system that just needs installing, if you can help, please contact me at

Exciting times, I just can’t wait until we are all back watching football again. We are in regular contact with the management team and have discussed a budget for them to work to for the season ahead, allowing them to start building the team they need.

Stay safe.


Peter Brown, Chairman

Chesham United Football Club