Comp Date Venue Opposition Kick Off Match Sponsor Ball Sponsor Score Report Photos
PSF 09/07/2022 Away Egham Town 1pm played at Middlesex FA, Rectory Park
PSF 12/07/2022 Away Northwood 7.30pm played at Rayners Lane FC
PSF 16/07/2022 Away Bedfont Sports 12.30pm
PSF 19/07/2022 Away Berkhamsted 7.45pm
PSF 23/07/2022 Away Risborough Rangers 3pm
PSF 23/07/2022 Away Amersham Town (John Hearn Trophy) 3pm Chesham XI
PSF 26/07/2022 Home Hemel Hempstead Town 7.30pm
PSF 29/07/2022 Home Wycombe Wanderers 7.30pm
PSF 02/08/2022 Away Uxbridge 7.30pm
Lge 06/08/2022 Home TBC - First Game of the Season 3pm
Lge 13/08/2022 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 16/08/2022 Home TBC 7.45pm
Lge 20/08/2022 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 27/08/2022 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 29/08/2022 Home TBC 3pm
Cup 03/09/2022 Home TBC - FA Cup 1QR 3pm
Cup 06/09/2022 Home TBC - League Cup PR 7.45pm
Lge 10/09/2022 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 13/09/2022 Home TBC 7.45pm
Cup 17/09/2022 Home TBC - FA Cup 2QR 3pm
Lge 24/09/2022 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 27/09/2022 Home TBC 7.45pm
Lge 01/10/2022 Home TBC - Also FA Cup 3QR 3pm
Cup 04/10/2022 Home TBC - League Cup R1 7.45pm
Cup 08/10/2022 Home TBC - FA Trophy 3QR 3pm
Lge 11/10/2022 Home TBC 7.45pm
Lge 15/10/2022 Home TBC - Also FA Cup 4QR 3pm
Lge 22/10/2022 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 25/10/2022 Home TBC 7.45pm
Lge 29/10/2022 Home TBC - Also FA Trophy R1 3pm
Cup 01/11/2022 Home TBC - League Cup R2 7.45pm
Lge 05/11/2022 Home TBC - Also FA Cup R1 3pm
Lge 08/11/2022 Home TBC 7.45pm
Lge 12/11/2022 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 19/11/2022 Home TBC - Also FA Trophy R2 3pm
Lge 26/11/2022 Home TBC - Also FA Cup R2 3pm
Cup 29/11/2022 Home TBC - League Cup R3 7.45pm
Lge 03/12/2022 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 10/12/2022 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 17/12/2022 Home TBC - Also FA Trophy R3 3pm
Lge 26/12/2022 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 02/01/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 07/01/2023 Home TBC - Also FA Cup R3 3pm
Cup 10/01/2023 Home TBC - League R4 7.45pm
Lge 14/01/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 21/01/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 28/01/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 04/02/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 11/02/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Cup 14/02/2023 Home TBC - League Cup SF 7.45pm
Lge 18/02/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 25/02/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 04/03/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 11/03/2023 Home League Blank Weekend for rearrangements 3pm
Lge 18/03/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Cup 21/03/2023 Home TBC - League Cup Final 1st Leg 7.45pm
Lge 25/03/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Cup 28/03/2023 Home TBC - League Cup Final 2nd Leg 7.45pm
Lge 01/04/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 08/04/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 10/04/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 15/04/2023 Home TBC 3pm
Lge 22/04/2023 Home TBC - Last Game of the Season 3pm
Lge 26/04/2023 Home TBC - Play Off Semi Finals 7.45pm
Lge 29/04/2023 Home TBC - Championship Matches 3pm
Lge 01/05/2023 Home TBC - Play Off Final 3pm