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The Ten Generals

At the recent Business Partners Evening Chesham United Football Club launched it's latest fundraising initiative to help maintain the future of the club, and at the same time introduce guardians of the club to oversee its good management.

The idea of the Ten Generals is to create a close-knit group of ten Chesham United supporters that have exclusive access to a side of the club that the average supporters does not see – the engine room.

The Ten Generals will each:

  1. Be privy to the Minutes of all company board meeting minutes, and any subsidiary meeting
  2. Have view of not just the company’s accounts, but the monthly cash management reporting that controls the club; this will give an insight into where the club’s money is spent, where the income streams thrive and what profit margins are delivered from the different areas of the club
  3. The option to attend a board meeting to observe going-ons, and have time to put across any thoughts, concerns or suggestions
  4. Receive an invite to two meals per year with fellow Generals, plus the Chairman and Manager of the Football Club – an opportunity for informal discussions and questions
  5. Receive a certificate, an exclusive Ten Generals club tie and acknowledgement of their contribution to the club on the wall in the Boardroom
  6. Receive 2 x guest passes to the boardroom and football ground on any matchday; these can be used for hosting business acquaintances, friends or family
  7. Free transport to away games on the official team coach, if required

The Ten Generals will be restricted to just ten members per season to preserve exclusivity and importance. The cost of membership will be £2,400 per year, payable either as a lump sum at the beginning of a season, or payments can be made monthly (£200 per month).

Running a football club is certainly not profitable and Directors need to constantly find fresh ways of bringing income into the club, without threatening its very existence by becoming reliant on one individual, putting money in.

We will not insult you by pretending that the Ten Generals concept is not aimed to generate funds needed for the club. However, to us it is very important that those that do support the club are acknowledged and made to feel appreciated for their contribution. The creation of the Ten Generals will do that in a unique manner that once again shows Chesham United as the leaders in modern football club management. Indeed, the vision is that the Ten Generals will become an integral part of the football club; it’s conscience (the Board’s House of Lords!), and gatekeeper that keeps an eye over the good running of the club.

As anyone who has been involved in Chesham United over the years will tell you, running a football club is not easy, and often involves making difficult, unpopular decisions. As custodians of the club it is the Board’s job to ensure its success and longevity. We have been fortunate over the years in that we have had a number of good people invest time and money, we know that needs to continue to get us to where we want to be in terms of creating a club that can self-generate more income via matchday activities, facility improvements, commercial developments and increased clubhouse turnover.

A successful Ten Generals will generate £20,000 of extra cash for the club. That will take much of the day to day pressures away and enable the board to focus more attention on improving areas of the club that we will no doubt all agree need improving…and of course, as one of our Ten Generals you will have an input into where these changes need to be made (without having to carry the burden of being the one that has to make it happen).

We hope you are as excited about this new initiative as we are, and will consider becoming one of our founding members, or recommending the scheme to somebody else that you may know. To discuss this opportunity further, please do catch me at a game, or contact me via the club on 01494 783964, or email secretary@cheshamunited.co.uk.