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Update from Peter Brown, our new Financial Director

Monday 22nd August 2016

Financial Director's Update

Chesham United's new Financial Director, Peter Brown, has issued the following update for supporters:

"For the first time I write to let you know the current situation at the club as to where the money is and where it has been spent. We believe you the fans and supporters need to know where we are at present and intend to go forward too.

"I am aware that the Chairman promised £20,000 from the FA Cup monies towards The Clubhouse. So to let you know the current situation the Supporters Trust have recently issued the club with a cheque for £5,500 making a total available of £25,500. Some £9500 plus Vat has been spent on the new windows, £5,500 plus VAT on the new flooring. A new Bar will be installed very soon with a new alcohol supplier. We still need to install new blinds in the area so that no football can be seen on the pitch during game time. This is an FA directive for their competitions. Various other monies have been spent with decorating materials, plumber for removing Radiators and pipework. We are also installing a new commercial cooker some £1500 in the kitchen area for cooking meals to the increased numbers attending the Chesham United Youth Academy. We had the money available to put in a new ceiling and lighting but we have had to use some £9000 plus VAT on the pitch due to the drains being blocked. We lost valuable home games last season due to the pitch being flooded and only got some of the money back as the game was played in midweek where the supporter numbers are always lower than a Saturday game. We, what is called "Earthquaked" the pitch and now the drains and subsoil don't store the water but let it flow away from the surface. We therefore have a shortfall in monies to complete the Clubhouse to the standard that we wanted to do so and now have no spare cash to fund the ceiling and lighting previously referred to, at the present time. The new Lighting we know will cost £1000 plus VAT and the ceiling some £4500 plus VAT. But we have to remove the old ceiling ourselves first before the new one is installed.

"We have a playgroup using the facilities from this September but we have to put in a fire alarm system to allow them to use the facility which again costs money which we don't have but have scrapped together to find as this will give the club a further valuable income from the facility which it has never had during the weekdays in School term time.

"I hope that you are pleased with what has happened to date and we endeavour to raise the income required to continue with the funding level of the team and updating the facilities. If any of you can help in anyway please do not hesitate to contact us at the club. If you have any comments please reply to the club in the usual way."

Peter Brown
Financial Director