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The Enfield Story

Postby steviep » Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:25 am

I know perhaps it's more satisfying to look at the excellent form we have, 6 straight wins, things seem to be coming together nicely here.

However, for those wondering what might have been, Enfield have just signed Brad Wadkins, have 11 ex Chesham players, 12 if Darren Purse is still playing the occasional game. So how are things looking there?

Well, not relegation fodder but they sit 16th in the league and have not won in the last 6 games, they have a decent home record but seem to be losing too many games away from home. From the forum there are some being patient with Andy and some not thinking much of what they see, I think similar frustrations are being aired with Simon Thomas too, can we all now admit we don't miss him??!

Also there appears to be a bit of an incident at the end of the Royston game where Andy had a falling out with some of the Enfield supporters. It is first season for him, albeit with a very well travelled squad of players which most of us have heard of. The interesting thing for me is this, when Andy came to Chesham he got us promoted and a couple of runs at the playoffs, he built up a certain amount of goodwill, he does not have with Enfield and you wonder, after 11 years or so with us, how he will adapt at having to prove himself?

Here are some snippets from their messageboard - I should apologise, I have probably edited the comments below with a slight sense of schadenfraude but it's interesting reading...

14 1Jan After a draw at home to Mertsham

Would not be bothered if some of the players did end up going some are just going through the motions in my opinion.
From the player himself.
He said i spoke to Andy and he didnt seem interested.
I personally want andy to succeed but these performances playing players out of position and his body language is not helping

we struggle to adapt when teams change their tactics and go on the offensive.... for 45 minutes it was dull but we were in complete control ... when the game is slow it suits us ... Sam was impressive and the new centre back looked steady but as soon as the second half started the oppo raised the tempo and quiet frankly we were like rabbits caught in headlights ..

Thing is, you could tell 5 10 minutes into the 2nd half that there was only one team in it. Was anyone happy with the changes we made? Did we adapt? Did we spend any period of time in their half and take the game to them? It really did look like the pitch was tilting towards our goal. I'm not convinced anyone on here is "against" Andy.....I am purely in the boat where I think fans are unhappy that the same mistakes are happening over and over and as a team we are not playing in a style or manner that many of the fans are appreciating.

25 Jan - Thread 'Season Petering Out'

BTG... I have no doubt been one of the managements biggest supporters on here over the first half of the season.... a job well done ... but seeing as we have a limited budget according to th AGM our transfer policy has to be right
and at the moment it is an absolute shambles with players coming and going after not even being given a chance.... that is my main concern...Better players should be installed in the club by now

I really can't see any change in style of play or pace of game with the squad we have now ... it's strange that members on here have been so vocal about our poor performances kept so quiet at the AGM.... Andys transfer policy needs to be explained... he talks long term then acts short term.... no one since Greene has had any impact whatsoever... and most have left...

27 Jan The 21st minute of the game against Needham (this being the moment where a player is subbed after a sending off where they believe AL has to go)

Behind the goal.
I totally agree.
He does not like creative players imo.
Its not enjoyable watching town anymore.
Whats worrying is the ammount of punters that said they wont return today.

"He does not like creative players imo."

I just went though all the substitutions Andy has made this seasons.

The player substituted most often has been Thomas (15 times). Well, I don't think anyone could accuse Simon of being creative (or of being anything to be honest - that's 9 games without a goal now and he's offering nothing else in lieu of goals).

However, the next four players on the list make interesting reading: Roberts (11 substitutions), Blake (9), Greene (9), Parcell (8).

Roberts, Blake, Greene and Parcell. Anyone notice a pattern there?

"started with a defender playing up front anyway?"

Was chatting to a few Needham fans about Simon Thomas (he used to play for them). They were delighted when he left and were laughing amongst themselves when they saw he was playing for us!

Ho hum!
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