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Chairmans Report

Postby red-five2000 » Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:36 pm

For those that couldn't make the AGM, this is the chairman's report,

I will make a start with a review of last year, and I’ve got to say it was a very interesting year!!! I was voted onto the committee before the start of last season and was then asked to fill the role of then vacant chairman, this was the first time I have been involved in a committee at any level and it was certainly a steep learning curve.

One of the biggest issues from last year was the share issue. I am sure certain things could have been dealt with differently, and I know there are some members who may not have liked the way the voting was carried out. The main club board gave The Trust a short deadline of getting a vote sorted, and so we felt that the best way was to try and talk to the majority of members face to face, and get a yes or no and a signature. In an ideal world we could have had some more meetings, including meetings with the main board, chairman etc, and a postal ballot, but that would not have been completed before the deadline given, and that could have weakened both the club and Trust. We were also concerned that as 95% agreement was required, we were unlikely to get enough replies to reach that figure. The vote to gift the shares was carried, and an agreement was then drawn up on behalf of The Trust by Alan Calder, which included certain stipulations. As things stand at the moment, some 5 months after the deadline given, the agreement hasn’t been signed, and the shares have not been transferred. Towards the end of September, Roger Payne spoke to Simon Newbury and said that his legal adviser wasn’t happy with some of the terms put forward. The Trust has since made some amendments to the agreement, although we do now feel that it would be more prudent to invite Roger, and any willing member of the football club main board to address The Trust members before we sign the agreement. We are looking at arranging a meeting in the next few weeks.

Outside of the shares, The membership ended up at 79 members, which was a large improvement on the previous couple of years. So far this season, the membership stands at 55, although I know there are a number of people that haven't yet, but will sign up.

The Trust held a number of events and also ran a couple of coaches to away games. The coaches are something that The Trust is looking at, with a possibility of running some more to away league games this season. These coaches will be open to all supporters, although trust members will, of course, get a discount.

The events run last year, we had 3 quiz nights that were very well supported, a race night that wasn’t quite as well attended but still made some money, a Beer and Blues night and a bingo night both were deemed a success, making some money and also getting some different people down.

The Christmas raffle that was held also raised more money than the previous years, although we will be looking at doing a few things slightly differently to make it an even bigger success.

Before we go through the process of verifying the committee and chairman, Mike Warrick, who has been involved on The Trust committee and on the main club board for a number of years, has announced that he will be stepping down. I’m sure you will all like to join me in thanking Mike for all his hard work over the years.
I can also announce that Lee Wiles and Graham Bayliss have been invited to join the committee. These are two people who I am sure will both be able to bring new ideas and improvements to The Trust and to the committee.

So I guess now is the time, are you all happy for the committee, Dave Jeffery, Mike Elliott, Simon Newbury, Martin Woolnough, Craig Knowles, Graham Bayliss, Lee Wiles and Myself , to carry on for another season, with me carrying on as chairman? The final thing is the committee nominated me to be the main board Liaison, are there any objections to me taking up that role?
(All motions were carried unanimously)

So, now that is out of the way, we will look to the future and the upcoming season. Without the restraints of investing the majority of our money into the club, it has freed us up to spending it in other ways. The first thing we will be doing is running some supporters coaches. We have tried to run a couple already, but for various reasons have had to cancel them. The next one we have provisionally booked is to Hitchin on 24th November. As The Trust is subsidising them, all Trust members will get tickets slightly cheaper than non-members. We will let you know more details nearer the time.

We will be, and already have been, running various events throughout the year. Ideally, we are looking at running one a month. So far we have had a bingo night, a quiz night and a race night. The bingo ended up a very quiet event, and whilst it didn't make any money for The Trust the people that did turn up enjoyed the night, and we may try and run a couple more in the new year. The quiz night was very successful with about 80 people. The race night was run in conjunction with some other sections of the club, to try and help them raise funds as well as trying to encourage more people to come. Unfortunately non of the other sections actually turned up, or even let us know if they had sold their horses. This meant that there were horses left unsold, and in the end meant The Trust didn't make as much money as we could have.

For the upcoming events, we have a Xmas party booked for Sat 15th December, which will be free to come to, and there is a live band called Abakus booked to play. We will also be drawing the Xmas raffle that night.

The fireworks night is on Fri 2nd November, and is being run by The Trust on behalf of the club. This is a big revenue stream that the club needs, so profit from the entrance money will go directly to them. The Trust will however have a stall selling some things, so hopefully we will be able to make some money. We will, as always, need some help, so if any of you would be able to help out on the Friday, and well as cleaning the pitch on the Saturday, your help would be most appreciated.

All views are personal, and not to be taken as official statements of Chesham United FC or Chesham United Supporters Trust.
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