Chesham United Supporters' Trust

For the 2014/15 Season the Board of Chesham United Supporters' Trust is looking to re-invigorate the Trust with a clearer defined identity with refreshed and transparent objectives. Now with a reduced shareholding, and no direct responsibility for running the parent club, the Trust Board has identified four key functions for the Trust, which they intend to pursue for the coming season:


Supporting & Monitoring Chesham United Association Football Club (CUAFC) with the expectation of Good Governance.

  1. The Trust will be represented at all CUAFC Board Meetings.
  2. The Trust Board will continue to have full visibility of CUAFC management accounts.
  3. The Trust will not just hand over cash to CUAFC for unspecified purposes. However the Trust recognizes the high costs of playing football at this level and intend to raise income generated through the Budget Booster and Golden Goals sales to contribute 2.69% of the CUAFC gross football playing budget – payable monthly in arrears. 2.69% representing the Trust’s shareholding in the company.
  4. The Trust will continue to run the Fireworks Night on behalf of the club. I.e. The club will receive all profits from the event. Steps have already been taken to improve publicity, attendance and profits on last year’s event.
  5. The Trust will be organising summer work parties around the ground, along with additional work parties on the first home Saturday fixture of each month throughout the season.


Chesham United For All

  1. The Trust will encourage, and encourage CUAFC to support, involvement from all areas of the community, including the use of the club’s facilities, supporting community events and encouraging community integration.
  2. Support all football at Chesham United – Ladies, Men and Youth. The Trust will once again help to fund and produce” Player Welcome Packs” for all players in the youth section, including season tickets, parent discount vouchers and a club brochure.
  3. The Trust will work with the club to distribute tickets and vouchers to schools and local community groups. 
  4. The Trust will choose a designated charity each year to support with additional activities e.g. sponsored walks that share the money with the charity and the Trust, collections, etc


Enhance the Supporters Experience 

  1. The Trust want to extend the relationship between supporters of the club by arranging social activities throughout the year, events such as Race Nights, Quizzes, etc
  2. The Trust will look to encourage more supporters to away games by providing coaches and/or discounted travel on the club coach to First XI matches.
  3. The Trust will look to improve the supporters’ facilities around the club, either through work parties or fundraising activity.
  4. The Trust will make regular contact with Members via newsletters and e-shots – Taking into account that not all Members will have access to email newsletter.


Fundraising for Projects that benefit the Supporter

  1. A large part of the Trust’s activity will be fundraising; monies raised will go towards clearly identifiable projects. All suggestions are welcome, at this stage the Board of the Trust are proposing that money is raised to replace the now derelict club shop with a new shop of some description that can also act as the “hub” of the Trust with leaflet distribution, bookings, etc taking place here – The Trust are in consultation now with the club with regards to the location and construction of the shop.
  2. The Trust will democratically decide upon future fundraising projects with total transparency as to how close to target funds are.


Achieving The Goals

The Trust will launch a competition amongst members of the club’s youth section to come up with a name and logo idea for the organization – Giving the Trust it’s own identity that can be expanded out to merchandise and a stand alone website during the course of the next season.

In addition the Trust will either take responsibility for the existing club e-newsletter, and/or produce a Trust specific newsletter in hard copy as well as email. Ultimately, the aim is to be able to launch a Junior Newsletter for younger Trust members. The Trust will also contribute articles to the matchday programme at each First XI home game.

This year the Trust will be far more pro-active in recruiting members and all members will be issued with a membership card.

Member Benefits will include:

  1. Club Shop discounts, including £5 off a replica shirt
  2. Priority ticket allocation for home or away games where numbers may be restricted
  3. Discount off club Sportsman’s Dinners and other social events
  4. Discounted away coach travel


All this can only work if we can encourage further engagement from supporters around the club, but the Trust has identified a number of avenues down which it can go to generate the funds required to achieve its goals:

Budget Booster – Or something similar, aimed at helping to reach the 2.69% of playing budget contribution commitment
Snowball – A well-established fundraiser, but not promoted pro-actively for many years; holds massive potential to raise more money, and improve prize money
Raffles – There was no raffle last year; a Christmas raffle can raise funds for the Trust and other participating teams and groups around the club
Sponsored Events – With Slough, Burnham and Dunstable in the league next season - A sponsored walk, sharing funds with a designated charity, looks a very real possibility
Club Shop – Hopefully a new build shop, new stock ranges; and also plans are afoot to have an Online shop for sales outside of matchday
Golden Goal Season Tickets – Have the same minute golden goal for an entire season, raises funds and a chance to win money
Weekly lottery bonus ball
Sponsor a section of the pitch
Plus many, many more if we can get them off the ground


Who is looking to make it all happen?

The existing Supporters’ Trust Board has co-opted new members on to the Board and intend to go into next season’s AGM proposing that the Board is made up of the following:

Chairman: Craig ‘Nobby’ Knowles
Treasurer: Simon Newbury
Secretary: Lee Wiles
Membership: Jennie & Colin Strange
Community: Martin Woolnough
Fundraising Co-ordinator: Paul Vockins
Board Liaision: Alan Calder


Join your Trust, own your Club

All our members own an equal share of Chesham United Supporters' Trust and, through the Trust, share in the ownership of Chesham United Football Club itself. As a fully democratic body if you want influence in how your club is run you can achieve that by joining the Trust. Members of the Trust committee are nominated and elected by Supporters' Trust members and that committee determines the Trust representatives on the main Board of Chesham United. As the bulk of the Board are now also members of the Trust committee, fans who join the Trust have a direct voice in deciding who runs their Club. Membership costs £10 per season. Download an application form here or pick one up from the bar or club shop.