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"Some of us, if not all, will live to line the ropes again"

"We will remember them"

During the 1914-18 war a number of players from Chesham Town FC and Chesham Generals FC lost their lives. As a result the two senior clubs in the town finally came together to form Chesham United.

By November 1917 the news of a proposed merger had reached troops from Chesham still serving on the battle lines and an un-named correspondent contacted our local paper from the front line. His comments - 'A Soldier's View' - were published in the Bucks Examiner:

“. . .  From what some of us can see out here they have a kind of little revolution on in Chesham, and we in Belgium and France have no say in the matter. Never mind, some of us, if not all, will live to line the ropes again, if we cannot do anything better. There is one thing certain, and that is that we are the winning side out here, and when the whistle blows for the ‘cease-fire’ we shall all be there. It may be rather slow but it is sure.”

On 1st December 1917 Chesham United Football Club was officially formed.

Having provided a meeting place for the Chesham Royal British Legion since the disastrous fire destroyed their local club in 2009 we would encourage all our fans to give generously to this year's Poppy Appeal.