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Push for Promotion

I believe that this year represents our best chance of gaining promotion since falling to Step 4 of the English non-league pyramid, and getting back into a league that brings greater publicity to the football club, and town, of Chesham. Promotion will see a return to our results on TV programmes such as Sky Sports News and BBC Grandstand, and our results and league tables will be more obvious in the national press.
We have squad consistency – they know each other (and the fans!) well. We have management consistency (our manager has been with us for three years). Nobody will run away with the league this year so if we can continue our good run without too many off days then we have every chance of winning the league outright. All of this comes against a backdrop of financial pressure. We won’t go bust because the club is now run in such a way that we can forecast our expenses reasonably well, and we don’t have a hoard of skeletons in the cupboard awaiting discovery. However, we are working under constraints that mean that it’s difficult to give the manager, Andy Leese, the financial flexibility to keep the push for promotion flying.
"That is why we have launched the Push for Promotion. This is a membership scheme that involves weekly standing order contributions that will go directly into a fund that is ring-fenced and will not be used for any other purpose than to enhance the playing budget. Andy Leese will see every penny that goes into this fund and will be able to attest that he gets to use it all.
"I would urge every supporter who wants to see Premier Division football back at The Meadow to contribute however much you can, be it £1, £5, £10 or whatever per week – it will all count. Chesham United needs you. Please support the Push for Promotion, Click Here to Download a form, and help make the difference."

Thank you for your support.

Charles Manchester (Chairman)