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June Open Meeting Update

A big thank you to everyone who attended the Open Meeting, it was good to see so many people in attendance and re-assuring that our vision of how the football club should be run is shared by others. I never really doubted that, the challenge is turning the theory into reality.
One thing to arise from the meeting was the need to make those involved in running the club more visible and more accessible; we are in the process of getting contact details and pictures of the Board and Department heads onto the website, and into the programme for next season...and even visible in the clubhouse.

At the meeting I presented the Organisation Structure that will be the set-up for taking Chesham United forward, I promised this would be made available on the website, and here it is. As a reminder and a brief explanation for those unable to attend:
I believe that every issue, query, idea, requirement and need of the Football Club falls under one of 10 headings. The vision is to have a single person responsible for each of these areas (Departments). Their role is not to do everything that falls under the heading, but it is to report progress to the Board, find helpers to make the department more successful, look at saving money within the department, looking at increasing income, developing and most importantly getting more people from the town of Chesham involved.

On the Organisation Structure there are a number of topics mentioned under each heading, this is by no means all embracing and is open to ideas and suggestions; but is intended to give an idea of how the club will operate. The idea is that you as a supporter will know who to talk to if you have an offer of help, a contact that might be useful or an idea that should be looked into. By having Departmental Heads with the responsibility of making things happen, and also the authority to get things done, then I believe we can make this club a success without it becoming a horrible regrettable job for the Chairman, me.

The Departmental Heads are:
Football – Brian McCarthy
Football Cohesion – Mike Dragisic
Finance – Mike Warrick
Commercial – Giles Stevenson
Company Secretary – Simon Newbury
PR & Communications – Dave Jeffrey
Facilities – Len Vockins
The Chess Suite – Colin Beton
Community – TBC
Operations – Neil Calder

You may or may not know all or some of these people, if you don’t now, I can assure you that you will within the first couple of months of the season because it is our job to get the supporters and people of Chesham involved in the club. Please do talk to any or all of us, and if you ever have a question or query, don’t sit stewing on it, contact us and let us know.
It is going to take a while to adapt to the different mindset of how the football club runs, I am seeing that on a daily basis with the conversations I have, but if it works, I think it will be hugely enjoyable for everyone.

The second part of the meeting involved Andy Leese taking questions and updating on his plans. Andy introduced his management team to the audience and outlined plans to integrate all the different sides at the club; it was a fascinating and hugely encouraging discussion... but I’ll leave Andy to post an update on football developments, after all, he is the expert in that field!
Thanks for the support, let’s make OUR club a success.

Alan Calder

Chairman, Chesham United FC